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reaction to the series two finale of the hour

You guys, I am ugly crying. I am - I do not cry at TV shows, I just don't, I didn't cry at Doomsday, I only just get misty at Reichenbach Fall, but I have been audibly sobbing for the last ten or fifteen minutes, and I gasped every single fucking time Freddie cried out as they were beating him, and THEN THE ABRAHAM LINCOLN AND THE MONEY MONEYPENNY and I am going to lose my mind, I am going to go absolutely insane if there isn't a third series. Even if Freddie dies I still need some kind of resolution, some kind of mourning, and I need more Randall and Lix and HECTOR AND MARNIE BEING BADASSES (well, Marnie being a badass and Hector finally living up to his potential) and oh, at the beginning of this series who would have thought Hector would be the only one to end up with a happy ending? (Oh, and Sissy, who is lovely and magic and who should get more screen time if there's another series, which there DAMN WELL BETTER BE.)

I just - I have shipped Bel/Freddie from moment one, obviously, but it isn't just that she didn't get the opportunity to tell him that she loved him, it's that what happened to him was precisely what she has been afraid of from the beginning, and you know, YOU KNOW that she's going to think that the story did this to him, that she did this to him, just like the story killed Rosa, like she did, and I am just rambling at this point but Bel is my hero and Freddie can break my heart just standing there and being himself, so how did I think I would feel when he was lying on the floor being beaten to death? 

Okay. I would like to have a sane, coherent conversation about the wonderfulness that this show brings to everything it does, from McCain finally stepping up and being awesome to Hector finally falling in love with the badass perfection that is Marnie, to critiques of political fear mongering and the objectification of women - which, speaking of, look what an INCREDIBLE SUPERHERO Miss Kiki Delane is in the end. And she did it for Rosa! And Randall and Lix, who were my favorites throughout the series, and who just crushed me in their final scenes. But. Yes. Coherent conversation. I would like to have one. But for now, there is only the screechings of a heartbroken madwoman.

Feel free to screech with me.
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